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Wed 24 Jan 2001
Finally decided to update the info on this homepage. Brain is going though a rewrite in C++, which also includes some redesigning. Some of the changes will be:

Thu 04 May 2000
New homepage design.

Sun 02 Jan 2000
New release version 0.5.2 This release is mainly a bug fixing version although it adds some new features like:

Sun 02 Jan 2000
Homepage moved to new location at



What is Brain?

Brain is a high-level, purely object-oriented, prototype based scripting language, mostly similar to the Self language.

Some features of Brain are:

How is Brain Licenced?

Brain is free software released under the GNU General Public Licence



We had some of that but it is old and out of date. We will put up new docs when they are finished.



The latest public release is version 0.5.2:

Brain uses the gmp library to implement bignums

Because the last release is really old, we suggest instead you try out the new development version from CVS, using the following:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co brain-core

For more info go here


Contact Info

For any questions, comments, and suggestions mail to tomis at

Brain also has a mailing list. For more info go here


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